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The President's Words  

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Dear visitors,

Welcome to the Erquinghem-Lys website especially to the part dedicated to Erquinghem and its history.

The association composed of men and women who are extremely keen on history was created in 1989.

A magnificent place allows people to discover its works since June 2005. It is called "Le Musée D’Ercan"

From now on we can show you the results of our members’ searches from March to November. Moreover, this place allows us to give the donors a guarantee that the objects they accepted to give will be shown to advantage, that the origins of a manuscript, a statue or a historical story will be authenticated.

As all my predecessors said, we rely on each of you to enlarge this heritage we undertake to protect.

In addition to the yearly exhibitions, the temporary exhibitions we organize give you the opportunity to discover for several weeks a particular subject such as in 2006 the story of a craftsman, the tribute to exceptional people or a famous painter. Many other subjects will follow.

So please do not hesitate to come back periodically.
Our visits are always free.

I have got a particular message to give to the teachers of the area : "Le Musée D’Ercan" is also open ,by appointment, to the teachers who would like to make their pupils discover the history of our village and comments on it.

Through the pages of this website, you can find the work that has already been done by the association and all the informations regularly updated.

Do not hesitate to inform us of your suggestions thanks to the “contact” page. Hoping to meet you soon.

The Président
April, 30th 2007

Le discours de Michel COCQUEEL en 2004
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